Our Story

Our vision is to act as a forerunner in embellishing the characters of the Muslim Ummah by keeping them abreast of the fragrant instructions of Islam.

Syed Hasan Ijaz – CEO

We have published more than seven hundred authentic, multi-language Islamic books on the Quran, Hadith, Tafseer, Seerat, Fiqh, Aqaid, Tasawwuf and other miscellaneous topics which are famous throughout the world due to their material and high standard of printing.

Islam highly advocates the importance of knowledge and it bestows us the Quran as a fundamental case of life. Hadrat Muhammad D, the last of the Prophets, the instructor  of the cosmos, the solace of the universe, is the true replica of the Holy Quran, is an exemplary embodiment of the Quranic  teachings.

In this tumultuous world of debauchery where the moral values are on decline, and there is a yawning chasm between man and religion, it was a pressing need to abridge that gulf and enlighten the despondent generation as to the teachings of Islam.

Launching his multi-dimensional mission, late Syed Ijaz Ahmed embarked on an ordeal task of publishing religious books in order to educate the nation mired in the thick darkness of ignorance of religious instructions and so he laid the foundation of Farid Book Stall in 1976. In order to spread the revolutionary message of the Quran and Sunnah, he published myriads of books in Urdu and got a number  of books of Ahadith rendered into Urdu and published them in a quite commensurate style and won a fame for quality publication in the market.

Following our father footsteps, we have undertaken to get the Books on Ahadith translated into English so as to make the Holy Prophet’s teachings comprehensible even to English-speaking people as well.

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